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We love sharing our video reveals. They capture the co-creation, design + build process from start to finish in a way that still photos just can't.

We hope you enjoy these clips and that they provide you with a true indication of the quality and craftsmanship our team of skilled collaborators brings to each and every one of our client's projects. 

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It was time for this Victorian kitchen to reign again. We put the crown back on it.

Derek Walczak in Ipswich, MA on Houzz

After suffering sever water damage. Our team restored this farmhouse and gave it its second life.

Who says a kids bathroom can’t be chic? With a cool color palette and gorgeous glass shower tile, we created a design that can stand the test of time and make mom happy even when picking the towels up off the floor.

This half bath just wasn’t cutting it. From the outdated finishes to the lack of space, light and functionality, it all HAD. TO. GO. So, it went. Enjoy the reveal!

Our clients needed a master bathroom that lived up to its name. A retreat after a long hard day at work to relax and unwind. We made it happen.

From 1950s New York Colonial to 2018 Open Concept Contemporary. Walls came down, semi-cistom cabs, custom soffits and custom deacon’s bench went it. This was a blast - primarily because the clients were so clear on their vision and trust in us. Definitely one for the memory books!

After gutting and remodeling their kitchen, this client asked us to come back and give their living room a face lift. New floors, new french doors, a custom reclaimed wood work station and beam as well as brand new hardwood floors did the trick! A new coat of paint and trim and… voila!


Victorian Kitchen Remodel

Complete kitchen - Straight.jpg
Bathoom - Vanity detail.jpg
Dishwasher sink tile and floor detail.jpg

Chic Boxford Bathroom

View from hallway.jpg
Shower built-in and towel rods.jpg
Vanity - Faucet and counter detail.jpg

Half Bath To 100%

Completed bathroom.jpg
Shower and built in.jpg
Vanity detail.jpg

Kitchen Revival

Cabinet detail - View 1.jpg
Cabinet detail - View 2.jpg

Put "Master" Back In The Bathroom

Built in_.jpg

From Guts to Glory


It wasn't easy, but someone had to do it. That someone was us. The challenge began with the state of the existing studio apartment and a budget smaller than the square footage, but little by little and with a lot of ingenuity and commitment to craft and client, we made it happen.

One of our proudest moments to date: Taking the main living space of this studio apartment from complete disrepair to a contemporary and rustic pad that every bachelor can be proud of. 

This was the studio before we started. 

This was the studio before we started. 

And AFTER we remodeled and redesigned the main living space. 

And AFTER we remodeled and redesigned the main living space. 

Custom rough cut, mobile bar designed and built by Walczak Design + Build

Custom rough cut, mobile bar designed and built by Walczak Design + Build