Our Process

As a design-build collaborative, we follow a  a design + build approach. Continuous co-creation is a fundamental part of the process that starts the day of the initial consult. 

We spend a lot of time planning upfront every single detail of your project from budget to schedule to detailed design specifications. This enables us to be as efficient as possible and ensure we have a construction approach that allows us to be in and out of your home as soon as possible with finished product you will adore.

Take a read through our high level phased approach below. Keep in mind, this is directional. Not every project will follow this exactly and not all steps are captured.


This phase starts the day we speak or the day we meet with you for a no-obligation/no-cost in-home consultation resulting in a ballpark estimate and high level scope. At this point, we also identify the additional potential collaborative subcontractors that we will need to execute your project. Dimensions are gathered as well as quick design discovery session to ensure we have a mutually agreed to understanding of both your aesthetic wants and functional needs. 

  • Phone call pre-screen to determine next steps

  • In-home consultation and ballpark estimation range

  • High level scope definition and timeline

  • Estimate approval and execution


With high level scope in hand, we begin our detailed define and design phase by presenting a few elevations and design concepts for consideration. These are not the final designs, but rather general directions that we could take your layout/floor plan, color scheme and materials. With your input, we will work with a selected elevation and design concept to make edits, changes and enhancements that ensure it is entirely in line with your vision, needs and budget.

Detailed designs will be developed following the approval of a concept. During this exercise all materials, fixtures, appliances, custom furniture, etc. will be identified to the extent possible to ensure we can place all necessary orders and get ready for the build phase. Explicit approvals and sign-off are required before anything is ordered. 

Never heard of an elevation or mood board? No problem. Scroll down for examples of these deliverables.

  • Detailed dimensions and specifications gathering

  • Elevations and Design concepts based on direction gathered during the design discovery

  • Detailed designs based on approved/select concept

  • Material, fixture, design element selection and approvals prior to orders being placed

  • Construction contract reviewed, approved and executed


Time to break out the tools. During this phase, you should expect us to be in your home based on a schedule that has been presented and approved by you. We will continually provide walk-throughs of work in progress and installation of selected materials. 

Our construction timeline will be built to absorb some change like the inevitable unplanned things that pop-up. Should a change order be requested or required based on new discoveries, you can expect us to provide you with an immediate report on impact and mitigation plan if possible. 

A final walk-through of the finished product is the last in-home activity and by this point, you are ready to enjoy your new space and we are ecstatic to see that happen. 

  • Demo

  • Construction

  • Installation

  • Clean-up, reveal and final walk-through