Remodel Planning

Get Started with Your Renovation Checklist

Welcome to our first blog post to help you get started planning and executing your home renovation.

I love planning. And with a little of effort, some proper planning can really help save you time, money and aggravation. This is especially true if there is more than one person that needs to be included and consulted in the decision-making process. Being on the same page is never underrated when you are making such a financial and emotional investment. 

I often find that we get a call, as soon as the home owner has decided that they want a renovation. But, more often than not, they have not thought through all the details and as such, are way underestimating the initial ask. 

The fact is that most clients have limited money and need to be really smart about that way that they spend it. We want to enable that process from the start rather than shocking our clients after we start. 

One tool to make this happen is a renovation checklist. When completed, this achieves two important things. 

  1. Sets expectations upfront and early: Using a renovation checklist helps ensure you don’t forget about anything. 
  2. Establishes the ground work for a realistic budget: If you haven’t thought through all of the systems in your home in advance, as you start to identify things later in the process, you will blow your initial budget. 

Our friends at Sweet Remodel have some invaluable content on their site including this Renovation Checklist to help you to understand the scope of work that your renovation may include and start to formulate an idea of what really has to be done. 

The tertiary benefit, is that it allows us to have informed conversations with you, our client, from the start. 

Now, it's your turn! Get started with your checklist.


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