Reno + Redesign | What you need to know

In my last post, I shared with you our new home that will undergo a significant renovation. Not only will we remodel all of the existing living space, we are adding additional square footage on the first floor by converting our sunroom into part of the living room, as well as adding an entirely new second floor. It's quite a scope of work and we could not be more happy, eager, excited, and somewhat nervous to finally be doing some work for ourselves. 

Phase 1, Planning and Estimating, is well in process. After a series of meetings and walk-throughs with our subcontractor partners and our architectural team, Phoenix Architects, the "as-built" plans will be started next week. 

That's good news because the plans that we drafted are not going to cut it for all the structural work that needs to be completed. Formal architectural plans are a must-have if you are planning to have any structural work done and a very, very good idea for an sizable construction. Our rule of thumb is, if we’re changing the exterior of the building, making significant interior alterations (structural) to the floor plan, or spending more than 10-15% of the value of the house, you we recommend architectural plans.

The all too often pitfall of lack of planning and budgeting is not going to rear its ugly head with this job though. This is typically core to the conversation that we have with our clients during the initial consultation. It is absolutely critical to understand: your budget (inclusive of contigency buffer of no less than 10%), your timing, your dependencies and possible risks that may pop-up during the work. 

To that point, I'll be writing a series of posts over the next few weeks that offer checklists, templates, and other key considerations that you need to keep in mind as you start to noodle on your next home renovation. 

Stay tuned for more! And let me know, if there is something that you would like covered. 

  1. Get Started with Your Renovation Checklist
  2. Dream Big: Renovation Wishlist
  3. Get Realistic: Renovation Budget + Timing
  4. Due Your Diligence: Contractor Interviews and Research
  5. The Fine Print: Understanding Your Contract


Our first blog post. Our second home. Our biggest remodel.

We could not be more ecstatic to announce that after more than year of searching, 6 months of living in 3 different rentals and countless offers, we have finally entered into contract for a home in our dream town of Ipswich. 

Our quaint 1200 sq ft home will undeniably be our biggest remodel yet as we remodel the entire existing floor plan and add a 2 new additions. Stay tuned to see it all come to life as we take this home and make it into our family sanctuary. 

Stay tuned! Lisa + Derek